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Living in a high rise with a semi-enclosed balcony, our attempts at container gardening were usually a messy affair.  A standard trowel scattered potting soil everywhere, and it was difficult to position more than a couple of plants in each pot.  Surely there was an easier way.

A neighbor showed us a terrific wedge-shaped device she had designed.  We were delighted with how well it worked and we're pleased to make it available to gardeners everywhere!

Please note that the Garden Wedgie is designed to be used in loose soil.  


"Used this tool for transplanting today and I love it. Dirt doesn't fly around."

- Lorraine D. (New Jersey)


"Used my Garden Wedgie last fall to plant garlic bulbs in the garden and some daffodil bulbs in flower beds. Worked Great!"

- Judy K. (Wisconsin) 

Two views of a Wedgie

"Wow, this tool would be great for planting garlic bulbs!"   

- Craig Dunek, MS

President, Black Garlic North America             (


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